Birth preparation: For the LGBTQ+ community, by the LGBTQ+ community.

Childbirth education that doesn’t assume you’re cis and hetero.

Our Offerings

LGBTQ+ Pregnancy Drop-In Group

Open to all queer and trans expectant parents. Last Saturday of the month, 1-2pm EST/10-11am PST. Upcoming dates September 25, 2021, October 30, 2021 and November 27, 2021!

LGBTQ+ New Parents Drop-In Group

Open to all queer and trans folks with babies under 18 months. Last Tuesday of the month, 1-2pm EST/10-11am PST. Upcoming dates September 28, 2021, October 26, 2021, and November 30, 2021!

Connection with other queer & trans birth workers

Join our video interview resource directory for LGBTQ+ perinatal support workers.

Reproductive Futurism Gathering

Katie & Emma be shared about LGBTQ Birth in Oct 2020 at the Doula Chronicles’ event.

Offerings from LGBTQ+ Birth Workers We Love

Monthly Queer/Trans TTC Group

Join Khye from Kuluntu Reproductive Justice Center for support on your queer conception journey!

Birth Q&A with queer doula Beth Hardy

Next Date: July 17, 2021

Trans & Gestating Support Group

Monthly, first Sundays – FREE

Lactation Support

Ashley from Peachy Births offers lactation support, childbirth education, cloth diaper consultations and has personal experience inducing lactation to a full supply as a non-birth parent!

All Genders Birth Class

1:1 sessions and small group classes available in Fall 2021 with Moss Froom.

Weekly TTC, expectant and new parent drop-in support

Join JB from Love Over Fear Wellness, Fridays at 11am CST

Beth Hardy’s One Day Queer CBE Class

Next Date: August 28th 2021

Preparing for birth in community.

Through many years of supporting queer, lesbian, gender-nonconforming, non-binary, partnered, single, non-monogamous, and other beautifully unconventional parents in birth, we’ve continuously been asked about where to find childbirth preparation and community that doesn’t make false assumptions about gender, sexuality, relationship configuration or conception histories.

This resource comes from a hope to connect LGBTQ+ expecting parents and their loved ones in community. Preparing for birth in community workshops is an beautiful way to navigate the system of healthcare, learn to advocate for your family’s individual needs and find some necessary camaraderie through your family building process.

Queer birth workers need to do this work in community just as much as expecting and new parents do. Stay tuned as we highlight queer and trans folks who do pregnancy support of all types. Let’s get to know each other a little better.