About LGBTQ Birth

Values & mission

We are Queer & Trans founded & focused.

We believe:

Black lives matter. Black queer & trans lives matter. Black birthing bodies and babies matter. Black birth workers matter. 

As white people in the birth space, we acknowledge we’re drawing knowledge from Black & Indigenous communities in this work, and aim to be a part of filtering more support and resources back to those communities.

Plant and fungi life are integral teachers in how we organize our work. We honor and acknowledge the indigenous communities who evolved with and survived on the land where we are currently planted.

Investment in supporting practices of new and aspiring perinatal workers of all kinds.

Validating pathways to doing this work outside of mainstream training organizations and affirming the knowledge that queer and trans people already have about supporting our communities.

We value collaboration and care over competition. There is an abundance of support work needed in this queer world, and we are here to support one another!

How we do it:

Tending mycelium of queer/trans birthwork in cocreating connections between queer and trans birthworkers online. Redistributing resources between well-funded spaces in the birth world and those that need more resources to grow and thrive.

Creating opportunities to cross-pollinate by making interview videos highlighting queer and trans perinatal support practices.

Strengthening community by offering support groups to expectant and new queer and trans families, cultivating holdfasts in the turbulent seas of queering reproduction.

Creating content that reflects, celebrates and honors the work of BIPOC birth workers and is responsive to and seeking to dismantle the reality of white supremacy within birth and birth work. 

Offering money to any BIPOC folks for their time spent collaborating (currently done on an individual basis).

What we’re looking for:

Queer and trans folks with perinatal care support practices (midwives, lactation consultants, doulas, childbirth educators, pelvic floor specialists, etc.) who want to make interview videos and be added to our resource gallery.

People who offer queer and trans focused perinatal support groups, birth worker trainings and parent classes so we can support and highlight those.

Folks who want to get more involved, collaborating on childbirth education content, running groups or other projects we can grow into. Reach out!

About Katie & Emma

Katie Byron (they/them) is a full-spectrum doula, childbirth educator, and social worker living and working on the ancestral lands of the Massachusett and Wampanoag people in the Boston-area. Katie’s journey to birth work began when they were in college and started volunteering as a clinic escort at Planned Parenthood. They trained with the DC Doulas for Choice Collective and began providing abortion support to folks at a clinic in Virginia. In holding space for people’s relief, sadness, grief, and all of the other feelings that can come with abortion, Katie found a calling to supporting folks navigating the transitions of pregnancy. Katie is so excited to be part of building authentic community with other birth workers that values collaboration over competition and affirms what queer and trans people know about supporting each other and our communities. More about their full-spectrum support practice at Birth With Katie.

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Emma (she/her) is a queer perinatal support worker and clinical western herbalist. She initially trained as an advocate with a domestic violence organization in 2007, on a potential path to social work. Inspired by a lifetime’s worth of navigating chronic illness and disability care with herself and her immediate family, Emma decided to drop out of college in 2009 to become an herbalist and birth worker instead. Throughout her ten years of attending births, encapsulating placentas and providing in-home postpartum support in her practice Lavandoula, Emma also spent time supporting abortions and pregnancy loss with the fine folks of the BASC, and providing herbal care for clients of many kinds.

Katie and Emma met at a Boston Abortion Support Collective training in 2017. Emma had been part of BASC for a few years and Katie was new to the area from the DC collective. They connected over a shared interest queering birth work, community building, plants and saunas. After attending a wild home birth together in 2018, they’ve become queer birthwork super-buddies. In 2020, Katie and Emma decided to launch LGBTQ Birth to further the connections between expectant queer/trans families and birth workers, and between queer/trans birth workers and one another.