Birth worker trainings

king yaa’s Birthing Beyond the Binary.

This course is for you if:

  • You are aware of your blank spots in knowing the needs of people who’s lived experiences are so very different from your own
  • You recognize the gaps in your knowledge of how to be inclusive in your reproductive health care
  • You want to be a part of a growing and evolving community that is dedicated to expanding their knowledge base to serve sexual and gender diverse people
  • You are unsure how to make your practice safe(r) for queer, trans & non-binary folx
  • You want a comprehensive training taught by an instructor who has lived experiences of the patients/clients that you would like to provide quality and dignified care to
  • You are ready to dig deep into dismantling systems of oppression and bringing a decolonized and intersectional framework to your reproductive health care
  • If you recognise that more than lip service needs to be done for change to happen, and you know that learning about pronouns is only the beginning of integrating this framework into your practice, then this course is for you

Moss The Doula’s Gender Affirming Birth Work 101

Topics include:

  • Common use terms & definitions for trans identities & experiences
  • Gender affirming language for gestation and birth related topics
  • Best practices for adapting your reproductive care practice to a gender affirming model
  • Time and space to practice and ask questions

Moss The Doula’s Gender Affirming Birth Work 201

Topics include:

  • Trans-supportive pre-natal discussions
  • Supporting a client who’s being misgendered
  • Supporting a client who’s feeling dysphoric
  • Creating your trans-affirming referrals list
  • Learning more about trans-specific reproductive issues

JB’s Gender Affirming Practices for Birth Workers

Overview of language, Review of common barriers. Learn and practice – rupture and repair. Brainstorm and role-play – adjusting every day practices. Brainstorm and examples – written and digital resources


This interactive workshop examines various birth settings and models of care that have historically included/excluded queer birth. Our goal is to help you develop an understanding of (some of) the specific needs of LGBTQ+ folks in the perinatal period and explore tools to provide support as a perinatal health care professional.